Symposium: Why Do Things Break?



Double Dialogues celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special symposium themed ‘Creativity: Why Do Things Break?‘ to be held in conjunction with the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice at The University of Adelaide, Friday 14th October 2016.


The conveners of this special event are currently inviting submissions for a day dedicated to creative presentations drawing on a range of visual, performing, and literary arts. We invite consideration of why do things break, fall apart, fall down, disintegrate, splinter, corrode, degenerate, devolve?


Think: break out, break into, break up, break around, break from, break down.
Think: families, relationships, institutions, communities, buildings, walls and boundaries
Think: ideological contexts – political, economic, religious, ethical, intellectual, social, sexual, artistic movements or revolutions


It is open to participants to present within one artform alone, e.g. simply the reading of a poem or a display of images or a theatrical monologue. It is also open to participants to work collaboratively in multiple artforms, for example, a reading of a poem related to ‘Why Do Things Break?’ accompanied by a dance or by images (still or moving); a performance or enactment accompanied by music or lighting or installation; or even a scene from a play pitted against a reading of a short story or of a director’s running commentary.


For more information and submission details, please visit our Events page.