In/Stead website launch

In/Stead is the companion publication to Double Dialogues that deals similarly with the exchanges between creative practice, philosophical reflection and arts discourse, but with a particular emphasis upon the processes of creation and the showcasing of work.


It has, to date, been published under the auspices of Double Dialogues. Soon, however, we will be giving In/Stead its own website and an enhanced publishing schedule.


In/Stead operates as an ‘open journal’, which means that we are open to submissions all-year-round from interested practitioners and scholars who believe their work may fit our remit.


We anticipate that the new In/Stead website will be online in early September. In the meantime, if you would like to publish with us, please use the Double Dialogues contact form.


Here are some screen grabs of the work in progress towards the new site: