In/Stead3 is the third open issue of In/Stead. This journal provides a venue for creative writers who, not only present their work in progress (or completed compositions), but who explicate the hidden stories that have brought their narratives (poetry/prose/art/film) to fruition.

In/Stead announces two new review sections

Review Section (essays: 3000 -5000 words)

This edition also includes a review section in which contributors respond to films, theatrical, musical and dance productions. Their analyses provide other insightful ways of seeing what lies behind the surfaces by invoking symbolic strategies utilized by the artists

Exhibitions reviews and Film reviews (reviews: 1000-1500 words)

In/Stead in future issues will include reviews of current films and art exhibitions. The first essay in this section is written by Dr. Deborah Walker who co-ordinates this section into the future. Deborah Walker is an award winning artist; in her essay she provides the philosophical and aesthetic context of a selection of her paintings that were exhibited in the international exhibition held at Joseph Drapell Gallery in Toronto in August 2010.