Double Dialogues is a refereed journal dealing with the discourse and practice of the arts, encompassing the visual arts, film, multimedia, dance, music, creative writing and theatre.

The double dialogue is between:

The art maker & his/her reflection about that art

Art & Science

Art & politics

Art & psychologies

Art & Society

Art & its methodologies

Art & traditional humanities paradigms in the academies

The dialogue is socratic, multi-disciplinary and transformative. It is visual, theatrical and discursive.


Double Dialogues commenced in 1996. It was originally inspired by the need for debate in the universities concerning the status of the creative Arts. It was during that period when the visual and the performance arts had moved into the academy and practitioners were therefore expected to justify their work in terms of research paradigms more suitable in application to the humanities.

As the 1996 conference papers and essays that emerged from the first Double Dialogues conference and Issue 1 (Conference with a Difference) demonstrate, scientific models were being applied not only as a means of determining research points for practitioners in the academy but also as a means of applying for national and international grant monies.

Themes and current directions

The themes of the journal have found multiple pathways in the last twenty years with an emphasis on the role of the Arts in creating new knowledge, inclusive of Writing  (creative, creative non-fiction), visual (painting, photography, film) and performance (including theatre, dance and music).

Double Dialogues is a multi-disciplinary journal dealing with modern and contemporary issues pertaining to politics, society and culture. The perspective is philosophical as writers and practitioners enact and reflect upon the ways in which the Arts represent, present and transform social, aesthetic, philosophical and political questions of this century.

Publishing model

The articles that are presented in the Double Dialogues journal (and its companion publication Instead Journal) find their source in international conferences hosted by Double Dialogues with universities worldwide.

To date there have been conferences in Australia (Melbourne), Fiji (Suva). New Zealand (Ortego), Canada (Toronto), UK  (Cardiff) and co-productions of journal issues with Denmark (Aarhus).

Contributions also come to the journal from beyond the conference experience. Calls for papers are posted on the Double Dialogues website and sent to subscribers to our mailing list.

Information about making a submission to Double Dialogues is available here.

Double Dialogues is a non-profit open access journal that maintains its independence as a self-funded enterprise.


Editorial Board

Executive Editor

Prof Emerita  Ann McCulloch (PhD)


Dr R.A. Goodrich

Dr Paul Monaghan

Dr Kas McCulloch

Dr. Dominique Hecq

Dr Kathryn Keeble

Dr Tony Hood


Associate Editors

Dr Jennifer Rutherford

Dr Deborah Walker

Dr Rina Bruinsma