Winter 2018
Interlude: 20 Years of Double Dialogues



Paris, August 1948

Deakin University
In Paris, in the aftermath of the nightmare that was the Second World War, two iconic writers of the twentieth century, Brendan Behan and Samuel Beckett, met. What did they discuss, both on the eve of writing their greatest works?

The Era of Brokenness

In a world about to go down in the history of the human race, it seems that we exist in a recurring dream of disenchantment. Toys, bodies and spirits break. Machines and systems and cultures and societies break down. Relationships and signifying chains break up.

Double Dialogues

Double Dialogues is a refereed journal dealing with the discourse and practice of the arts, encompassing the visual arts, film, multimedia, dance, music, creative writing and theatre.

Our journal commenced in 1996. It was originally inspired by the need for debate in the universities concerning the status of the creative Arts.

More than twenty years later, Double Dialogues continues to champion the role of the arts within the academy.

We are proud of the far-ranging thematic incursions, the creativity and the intellectual heft of our contributors over the years. 

We are most proud that we are still here. Still relevant. Global. 

Welcome to Double Dialogues.